Dash Neighbourhood

A Robot For Every Learner.

Same Dash but on your screen

Now every student can program their favorite robot online. Dash’s Neighborhood reimagines the delightful, award winning Dash in a brand new 3D environment. 

Students will love creating and exploring with their own Dash while building coding literacy.

Bring robotics home with Blockly

Create projects with Dash’s Neighborhood using the same drag-and-drop programming language, Blockly, designed for Dash & Dot robots. Practice and prototype with the simulator at home then test and collaborate with physical robots in class.

No prep with Class Connect

Your real-time Class Connect dashboard makes it easy to teach with confidence.

While students progress through built-in content for Dash’s Neighborhood, teachers can quickly identify solutions and extensions as they need them. No experience with coding or robotics necessary.

Access with Class Connect

Grant your students access to Dash’s Neighborhood today using Wonder Workshop Class Connect, free to educators through June 2020. 

Start your free trial to assign a built-in sequence of learning content to your class.

How to access Dash’s Neighborhood with your class connect trial:

Teach coding and robotics with confidence

Whether you are ready to start with just one teacher or grow coding and robotics throughout your whole school, we have a Success Pack that is perfect for you and your needs. Discover our software, professional learning course, and lesson plans designed to inspire.

Interested in Class Connect robot bundles?

Dash’s Neighborhood is compatible with Chromebooks and Chrome browser for laptop and desktop.

Dash’s Neighborhood will be available for iPad before back to school fall 2020.

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