Wonder League Robotics Competition (WLRC)

Wonder League Robotics Competition (WLRC)

Wonder League Robotics Competition

The Wonder League Robotics Competition (WLRC) started in 2015 and has now reached more than 86,500 kids over the last five years. This growing network of coding and robotics teams uses our all-inclusive program to inspire an early love of coding, computer science, tangible learning, and STEAM education. Through a series of story-based missions, the teams develop problem-solving, growth mindset, and creativity skills while learning to code.

Why join?

What is required?

• A team made up of a supervising adult coach and one to five members

• A compatible device

• A 5′ x 8′ mat of 30cm squares and basic prototyping materials.

• Teams in 6-8 & 9-11 age brackets will need a Dash robot

• Teams in 12-14 age bracket will need a Cue robot

• Internet access to download and upload materials

WLRC Timeline

Check back for more date details and be sure to sign up below to stay in the know for Year 6 starting in the fall!

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