Doodle Bot

Getting Started with Doodle Bot


Congratulations on being the owner of a brand new Doodle Bot! Go ahead, open the kit, and let’s talk about what you see. Your kit should include:

  • (1) Vibrating motor, The boogie machine
  • (1) Wooden pieces, This will form the doodle bot
  • (3) Markers
  • (3) Rubber bands
  • (1) Battery clip
  • (1) Battery


Step 1: Assemble 

Start assembling your doodling monster by following these simple instructions!


Step 2: Experiment & Play

Take out a large pad of paper and start experimenting with your doodle bot!

1. Using different coloured markers creates personality in your artwork.

2. Try adjusting the lengths of the marker legs to see some interesting results and patterns.


Step 3: Share what you’ve created

We love to hear what people have created with the doodle bot!

SUBMIT YOUR CREATIONS: Tweet a video or picture and include @logicsacademy #doodlebotcreations