Wonder Pack (Save $55+)

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The Wonder Pack is the most popular and most comprehensive Wonder Workshop solution. It offers you the greatest learning and playing experience by combining Dash & Dot with all their accessories. Transform the way your children/students learn about coding and computer science with a complete classroom package. This bundle offers you everything you need to get children building, programming and exploring hands-on learning. 

Recommended for grades K-5.

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The Wonder Pack offers the richest and biggest play experience by combining Dash & Dot with the Accessories Pack, the Xylophone pack, the Launcher, and Building Brick Connectors. You are only limited by the power of your imagination!

The Wonder Pack includes:

1x Dash
1x Dot
1x Launcher

1x Xylophone
4x Building Brick Connector
1x Accessories (Bunny Ears, Bunny Tail, Tow Hook, Bulldozer Bar)

For a list of compatible devices – click here

Dash & Dot

New ways to play and learn
Kids can define how they want to play. Whether your child is into having make-believe tea parties, building elaborate forts, or adventuring with Dash & Dotfriends, Dash & Dot will be there every step of the way. Empower your child to program Dash & Dot into anything they imagine.

Visual, hands-on programming
Wonder Workshop set a low floor but a high ceiling for coding. Blockly is a drag-and-drop programming language that snaps together like puzzle pieces. Start by sending simple commands, learn programming concepts as you play, and progress to creating more complex algorithms.

Interact with the real world
Dash & Dot are ready help you explore. Program them to squeal when you pick them up, navigate around sharp corners, or be on the lookout for approaching siblings or pets.

Dash & Dot’s

Xylophone & Accessories

Dash’s Xylophonedash_xylophone
Compose, loop, and play tunes while driving around. This add-on accessory provides
everything you need to turn Dash into a modern day Beethoven. Teach kids to learn to program with music! Mallet accessory included.




Dash’s Bulldozer Bar
Get some serious work done with Dash’s bulldozer bar





Building Brick Connectors
Transform Dash and Dot into anything you can imagine with popular building bricks, such as LEGO






Tow Hook
Use the tow hook to take Dash & Dot on an adventure, bring a friend for a ride or just hang around






Bunny Ears & Tail
Wait, did you hear that? Hop around the room with bunny ears and tail for Dash & Dot






This fun accessory transforms your Dash Robot into a projectile-launching machine. Because it’s powered by Dash, kids can learn how simple machines like a lever works in a fun way




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