Getting Started with Talkbot

RTH02 Talkbot - Webpic

Congratulations on being the owner of a brand new Talkbot! Go ahead, open the kit, and let’s talk about what you see. Your kit should include:

  • (1) Recording Sound module, The reason you bought it!
  • (4) Wooden pieces, This will form the body of the Talkbot
  • (2) Colour Stickers, Adds character and personality to our talking friend.
  • (1) Double sided tape
  • (8) Screws


Step 1: Assemble 

Start assembling your personal recorder by following these simple instructions!


Step 2: Experiment & Play

Record a sound file and play it back to family and friends. Use it to remind you of important quotes or motivational phrases for the day


Step 3: Share what you’ve created

We love to hear what people have recorded with the Talkbot!

SUBMIT YOUR CREATIONS: Tweet a video or picture and include @logicsacademy #talkbotcreations