Ultimate Activities

10 Building Examples Inspiring Unlimited Personal Creative Inventions!

Ultimate 2.0 comes packed with a punch. The kit comes with assembly guides for 10 different designs that serve as launch points for your own creations. Alter the designs to suit your own ideas, or make your own design entirely from Scratch!

Robotic Arm Tank

Grip and deliver objects in all kinds of terrain!

Camera Dolly

360-degree high speed auto-photographing and time-lapse video filming!

3D Capture

360-degree panoramic filming & 3D scanning simulation!

Self-Balancing Robot

Two-wheeled Self-balancing Roly-Poly!

Additional Forms

The fun doesn’t stop there. There’s a bunch more of different forms that you can build with mBot Ultimate!

Detecting Robot
Catapult Ram
Robotic Ant
3D Capture B
Rolling Tank

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