Canadian Storytelling

Submissions are closed, you can watch them on the Logics Flipgrid site Announcements will be made soon!

Get involved in Canada’s first-ever Storytelling challenge using Minecraft EE – create, build, share and win!

What is it

An original Canadian online community built by you to be shared with students across the country and an opportunity to win prizes for your school.

Who can participate

Available for individual student submission or educator submissions on behalf of a group/class of students at the same school across Canada.

Submit your story today for the chance to win over $30,000 of technology for your school! By submitting your video you are automatically entered in the MindShare Learning Technology, Schools of the Future Challenge for the chance to win one (1) of three (3) grand prize packs for your school! Worth over $30,000
Prizes in association with MindShare Learning

1. Help! I have questions who do I ask?

Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday for the month of June at 1pm est, join Ryan Magill for open office hours to learn about the Canadian Storytelling in Minecraft challenge, how to participate and ask any questions you or your students may have. Click here to join at the scheduled times

2. Help! I am an educator and looking to connect with other teachers, how can I do that?

Educators can join our Educator Community Discussion to ask questions, connect with other teachers about this challenge and see what the rest of Canada is doing. Join the discussion to support your students during the month of June. Canadian Storytelling Educator Discussion Group

3. Help! I don’t have Minecraft Education Edition, how do I participate?

Don’t have access to Minecraft Education Edition? Use the Pocket Edition Version of Minecraft instead. Instructions are available here.

4. How to host a Minecraft EE Server from home for remote teaching/learning for your students.

Are you an educator or looking to host a multiplayer world for your students from home? Here are resources and instructions on how to do so: How to Set up a Multiplayer Game and Remote learning with Minecraft EE

5. Immersive Reader, text translation and reading supports

Students can use Immersive Reader with each NPC & Sign to translate the text or have it read to them!

Thanks to the Support of Microsoft & Minecraft Education Edition Team!

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