Professional Learning


Looking for professional learning workshops? Our experienced educational team provides in-person or virtual synchronous, hands-on training on a variety of STEM, Robotics, and Coding topics that enhances your acquisition and knowledge of digital skills.

Our workshops provide educators with meaningful teaching strategies and practices that can be easily implemented in the classroom afterwards. Learn how to make important pedagogical links between educational technology and the curriculum through our comprehensive topics and learning content.

Workshops are available in both English and French.

Robotics & STEM Solutions

Learn how to incorporate our STEM solutions into your classroom! From the famous robot Dash to mBot, Codey Rocky and more, these professional learning sessions will share curriculum and resources on how to implement coding and robotics and bring creative ideas to life! 

Coding Platforms

Build your digital literacy skills by learning the fundamentals of coding and computational thinking through various platforms. Choose from Scratch, MakeCode Arcade and Python to help you teach coding while creating fun and engaging games, animations, programs and more!

Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education is a game-based platform that inspires creative and inclusive learning through play. Explore blocky worlds that unlock new ways to take on any subject or challenge. Educators will learn how to craft within worlds, complete tasks and activities and gain valuable digital literacy skills along the way.

Microsoft Tools

Learn about Microsoft Windows 11 features that can help transform your classroom into a fully inclusive learning environment. Explore One Note, Accessibility, Chat GPT and other tools that will allow educators and students to further develop 21st-century skills. Use Minecraft Education in your classroom and learn how it inspires creative, inclusive learning through play. Over 500 lessons are available covering a variety of subjects/curriculum. 

Google Tools

Enhance your proficiency and learn about ways to improve creation and collaboration in the classroom using Google Workspace for Education tools like Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Google Docs. As part of a unique partnership with MIT, CS First training for both Google and Microsoft districts/boards is also offered.

Apple Tools

Learn how to integrate iPad, Mac, and apps into lessons you teach every day. Educate kids to code using Apple’s Swift Playground and Everyone can Create resources or for older students, learn to develop apps using Xcode. 

In-Person Professional Learning

Sessions provide educators with a hands-on opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills while being actively engaged and connected with other groups of educators. 

Virtual Professional Learning

Sessions provide educators with remote professional learning that is interactive and engage teachers with different skill levels.

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