Student Workshops – Schools & Organizations


What is a Student Workshop?

A student workshop is a learning experience where a Logics-certified instructor will join your class or school to help teach students digital literacy skills. Through these workshops, students will be able to learn the foundation of code to create games, solve problems, puzzles, challenges and more! 

Sessions are available through a live virtual format, where remote, certified instructors are present and students can easily ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate. Learn alongside your students and gain skills towards your own professional learning journey. Participate together from a classroom, virtually from home, or through a blended/hybrid approach. Multi-session and in-person student workshops are also available! 

Virtual Workshops

Students can interact virtually and in real-time with a certified instructor right from your classroom
• Choose from the hottest topics in STEM, Robotics & Coding!
• Weekly multi-session workshops available (8, 10 or even 12-week programs)
• Theme-based and cross-curricular coding sessions
• Workshops are $500 per session
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Virtual Live Events

 A virtual, live event brings a certified  instructor to many classrooms within  your school or district
 Students can interact in real-time with a certified instructor right from where they are – no need to combine classrooms together!
 Choose from the hottest topics in STEM, Robotics & Coding!
 Simply project the event in front of the classroom to begin learning.
 Workshops are $1,000 per session



In-Person Student Workshops

Bring Logics Academy’s workshops into your school to code, create and innovate with your students! Our in-person workshops are designed in connection with the Canadian Provincial Standards to develop your students’ digital literacy skills. In-person workshops are $3,500 for up to 1 full day of workshops.