Student Workshops – Schools & Organizations

What is a Student Workshop?

A student workshop is a learning experience where a Logics certified instructor will join your class or school to help teach students the foundation of code to create games, solve problems, puzzles, challenges and more!   
Sessions are available through a live virtual format, where remote, certified instructors are present where students can ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate. Participate together from a classroom, virtually from home, or through a blended/hybrid approach. Multi-session and in-person student workshops are also available!  

Virtual Workshops

Interact LIVE and in real-time with a certified instructor
The hottest curriculum in Robotics & Coding
Workshops are $399 per 1-hour session
Device Requirements & FAQs

Virtual Workshop Series

Interact LIVE and in real-time with a certified instructor
Weekly multi-session workshops
Theme-based and cross-curricular coding sessions
Choose from 8, 10 or even a 12-session program
Workshops are $399 per 1-hour session

In-Person Student Workshops

Bring Logics Academy’s workshops into your school to code, create and innovate with your students! Our in-person workshops are designed in connection with the Canadian Provincial Standards. In-person workshops are $2,500 for up to 1 day of workshops.