Future Frontiers

Welcome to the 2021 Canadian Minecraft Challenge: Future Frontiers

The year is 2049 and your students are set to blast off and travel to one of humanity’s future frontiers. Will it be Mars, the Moon or destinations on Earth that will challenge your students’ creativity, collaboration and critical-thinking skills?


1. Provides a platform that gives students the freedom to create using their imagination.

2. Problem solving inspires students’ higher level critical thinking.

3. Students working and building together fosters natural teamwork and collaboration.

4. Helps improve computational thinking, mathematical and coding skills.


What it is

An opportunity for students across Canada to build a future community in Minecraft EE and compete in a FREE challenge to win prizes for your school.

Eligible Participants

Grades 1 – 12 individual students/student groups in Canada.


April 1 – May 31, 2021 (submission date).

Winners announced June 15, 2021.


1. Download the Future Frontiers Minecraft World HERE and follow these instructions to complete the challenge.

2. Watch the instructional video HERE: Future Frontiers Teacher Walk-Through Guide – YouTube.

3. Upon completion of your world, upload your Future Frontiers video (maximum 10 minutes) to Flipgrid HEREAll student videos will be available for viewing throughout the challenge.

4. To view the success criteria and compete in the challenge for prizes for your school, complete the submission form HERE.


1. Want to engage LIVE with Minecraft Mentors to help navigate the challenge and integrate it into the classroom?

Sign up for a LIVE 60 minute information session April 22, 7:30 – 8:30 pm EST HERE.

2. Want to chat online with our support team about a specific question(s)?

By registering for the Challenge you automatically get access to our Minecraft Support Team.


1. Check out some of the Frequently Asked Technical Questions document HERE along with other resources such as the Upload Minecraft World Guide and the Host World Troubleshooting Guide.

2. If you need to host a Minecraft EE server from home for remote teaching/learning, use these resources: How to Set up a Multiplayer Game and Remote learning with Minecraft EE

3. If you’d like to use Immersive Reader in Minecraft EE to support your students, click HERE for instructions.


Thanks to the support of our partners we are able to offer first, second and third prize packs to the winning student/schools.

Stay tuned for further details!

To see information on previous years’ Challenges, go to Canadian Minecraft Challenge | Logics Academy