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mTiny is an early learning educational robot for children in preschool to kindergarten, growing up in the digital age – screen-free! Its Tap Pen Controller is a coding tool that exercises children’s fine motor skills along with their logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. This helps bring programming into real life using coding cards, various themed map blocks, and tap-to-code interactions that guide the child in exploring, perceiving and creating through highly, simulating and fun activities. It also helps foster children’s interest in learning Math, English, Music, and other subjects. 

Opening their eyes to how the world around them works, Dash and Dot guide kids through the world of coding and robotics, turning ideas into adventures. Dash and Dot are exciting, hand-on learning robots for students in grades K-5! Targeted at teaching creative problem solving, coding and robotics, Dash & Dot give every student a head start on fundamental STEM principles and 21st century skills. Students send commands to robots to move them, light them up, and have them detect the world around them using 5 free coding and robotics applications available on many devices including iPad and Android tablets, Google Chrome and more!

Codey Rocky combines hardware with software, allowing children grades 3-8 the ability to learn about programming while they play and create. Using mBlock 5, an interactive software which supports both block-based and Python programming, Codey Rocky takes children by their hands and leads them into the world of technology. With its built-in AI and IoT functionalities, this gives children a competitive edge in the AI era.

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