About our Community

We know teachers like YOU are all across the Country doing amazing work in STEM, Robotics & Coding. We’d like you to be able to share that amazing work and learn from others as well. This Educator Community is for you to collaborate, share in resources and discussions and get connected with like-minded educators across Canada.

There are 3 tiers of our Educator Community – each with its own benefits and perks. Check them out below!

Logics Teacher is a community for anyone interested in learning and growing as a STEM and Robotics educator. Logics Teacher’s share, learn and collaborate with each other. By bringing STEM and Robotics educators together, we’ll help reach more students with amazing learning opportunities. Membership is unlimited so join the Logics Teacher Community today!

Logics Ambassador is for you if you’re a STEM and Robotics rockstar, LOVE pushing the envelope and doing new and creative activities with your students. As a Logics Ambassador, you will gain access to new Logics products before they’re out. You will get some awesome swag and all the support you need to keep being successful in your classes. Application will reopen in Spring 2022.

Logics Innovators are proud representatives of Logics. Spread throughout Canada, Logics Innovators will have opportunities to speak on Logics behalf, deliver professional development workshops, develop training materials and be examples of the limitless possibilities coding and robotics has in the classroom. Application will reopen in Spring 2022.

Our Logics Ambassadors!

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