Logics Academy is excited to announce a new partnership with The MindFuel Foundation to help raise awareness of the Codingville program and to assist in the overall development of future-ready skills in youth. Logics will assist in the onboarding and training of thousands of educators and students within schools and local community organizations across Canada through teacher professional development and student workshops. 

Codingville is a free tool to help teachers and students learn the fundamentals of coding through game-based learning. Students in kindergarten to grade 12 will learn to apply coding concepts in both block and text-based languages (Java, HTML and CSS). The unique “journeys” the students participate in include a culminating project around building a game or application.  3D assets, characters, animations and a storyline are utilized throughout the adventures and missions to offer an engaging learning experience for everyone. 

Logics Academy has extensive experience assisting students and educators in developing their digital literacy skills through a variety of different programs.  They view Codingville as a natural evolution to their ongoing offerings in supporting coding education for all in Canada.  This joint initiative is led by MindFuel, and supported by the government of Canada’s CanCode program focused on providing students and teachers with advanced skills in a broad and inclusive approach.  

 “We look forward to supporting MindFuel and the Codingville program over the course of the next few years.  Teachers and students will enjoy coding and learning through unique, interactive gameplay which will give them the fundamental building blocks and allow them to progress their skills.”

Ramy Ghattas, CEO of Logics Academy

“MindFuel is pleased to partner with Logics Academy on this initiative, through which, Codingville will reach teachers across the country,” says Cassy Weber, CEO, MindFuel. “Codingville provides foundational knowledge in digital skills development, which is a precursor to innovation and necessary in building Canada’s youth innovation pipeline to develop today’s students into tomorrow’s STEM leaders and entrepreneurs.” 

Cassy Weber, CEO, MindFuel

About The MindFuel Foundation

The MindFuel Foundation is about curating curiosity, inspiring innovation, and invigorating youth’s minds to become tomorrow’s innovators. As an educational technology leader, MindFuel helps bring STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to life for K–12 and post-secondary. We’ve reached nearly 150 million students globally since 1990 and will continue to develop award-winning STEM-learning products that engage students in the fun world of science, while learning how to solve real-world problems.

About Logics Academy

Logics Academy is a leader in K-12 STEM, robotics and coding solutions. They develop rich, comprehensive learning materials, and deliver memorable learning experiences for students and educators around the world. Learn more about Logics Academy by visiting logicsacademy.com and follow us on social media @logicsacademy

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