Logics Academy is announcing a new partnership with FIRST Robotics Canada to help educate students and teachers about FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) SIM, a game-based learning simulator.  In addition, Logics will provide overall coding workshops that help enhance STEM skills and introduce robotics elements to students in grades 4 – 9. 

FIRST Robotics Canada’s FTC SIM offers a free, online virtual environment in which students, teachers and teams can learn and apply programming skills to pre-designed virtual FTC robots. As part of this initiative, new user-friendly learning experiences will be developed including self-directed simulator-focused activities culminating in a challenge which encourages further participation in the FTC competition. 

Logics will lead the development and facilitate workshops on behalf of FIRST Robotics Canada thanks to the support of the Federal government’s CanCode program.  The last few years has seen classrooms across the country lean into virtual programming as a method to teach and learn from anywhere.  This project is an example of an offering that will lend itself to either an in-person or virtual environment and reduce the barriers to adoption of the simulator by educators.

 “As a FIRST Robotics Canada alumni, I have experienced the impact of FIRST on my own life. FIRST programs inspire young people to develop their STEM skills, increase their confidence and leadership abilities all while preparing them for future learning and the workplace. Logics has worked closely with FIRST Robotics Canada over the years on several projects and we are excited to embark on this new journey to help further digital literacy skills in as many classrooms as possible.”

Ramy Ghattas, CEO of Logics Academy

“At FIRST Robotics Canada we are working to provide access-for-all to STEM opportunities, with the goal of inspiring students across Canada to see STEM as exciting and engaging career possibilities. Through career-building, life-changing experiences on FIRST Robotics teams we hope to change how society sees STEM, and to celebrate its heroes like we do in sports, music, and acting.  Coding is a large part of being on a FIRST Robotics team and through CanCode funding, we are pleased to be able to partner with a great organization like Logics Academy to help us reach more students across Canada with free coding lessons.  Our hope is that this exposure to coding with the FTCSIM will inspire youth to join a FIRST Tech Challenge team and experience the many benefits of being on a FIRST team. ” 

Dave Ellis, President, FIRST Robotics Canada

About FIRST Robotics Canada

FIRST Robotics Canada is a registered Canadian charity which focuses on youth development through STEM experiences that develop skills in not only STEM but also in communication, public speaking, business, critical thinking, and problem-solving.  This is accomplished as students work together in a team, led by educational and industry mentors, to design, build, and code a robot to compete in robotics events across Ontario, Canada, and the world.  Learn more at www.firstroboticscanada.org. 

About Logics Academy

Logics Academy is a leader in K-12 STEM, robotics and coding solutions. They develop rich, comprehensive learning materials, and deliver memorable learning experiences for students and educators around the world. Learn more about Logics Academy by visiting logicsacademy.com and follow us on social media @logicsacademy

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