Logics Academy and CBC Kids News have teamed up to help teach students how to differentiate misinformation and disinformation using Minecraft Education.

CBC Kids News, the national public broadcaster’s daily news resource for tweens, was thinking of ways to engage youth in learning more about misinformation and disinformation that is everpresent in media todayThey had experience using Minecraft Education in previous programming and recognized how engaging game-based learning can beLogics Academy’s worldbuilding expertise and knowledge of the Canadian K-12 education landscape made them a perfect partner to assist Kids News in developing this project

Reporting 101: Misinformation in Minecraft Education is an interactive resource for grades 4 to 8 teachers to help tackle the topic of misinformation and encourage critical thinking and media literacy skills with their students.  In this Minecraft Education world, students play the role of a CBC Kids News reporter who must determine whether a rumor about summer vacation being cancelled is true or notStudents navigate through classic Minecraft obstacles and mini-games where they are faced with misinformation and disinformation prompts.  Along the journey, they must chase leads, conduct interviews and check factsUpon conclusion of their investigation, they’re tasked to build and publish an accurate story by deadline.   Click here for a preview of the World.   

Students and educators who have Minecraft Education can DOWNLOAD THE WORLD HERE.  For more information on how to use Minecraft Education in the classroom, visit Minecraft Official Site | Minecraft Education  

 “It has been a pleasure working with CBC Kids News and Minecraft Education on this impactful initiative. The Reporting 101 world will be an excellent tool in demonstrating how misinformation is created and shared and will help develop critical-thinking skills that can apply to media, information and journalism in today’s world and in years to come. Thanks to the immersive and engaging Minecraft Education platform, students can develop these skills all while playing a game they love and enjoy.”

Ramy Ghattas, CEO of Logics Academy

Media literacy is such an important part of what we do at CBC Kids News and we need to continually find ways to create content where our audience spends time. With Logics Academy’s expertise, we’ve been able to create a world that not only appeals to students’ gaming interests but gives teachers a creative way to explore this topic in the classroom.”

Lisa Fender, Senior Producer of CBC Kids News.

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