We’re thrilled to announce an exciting milestone for Logics Academy and The Cobblestone Collective! Effective July 1st, 2023, Logics Academy, a leading provider of K-12 STEM, Robotics & Coding solutions, is acquiring The Cobblestone Collective, a renowned professional development provider for technology integration in schools and districts. This partnership brings together two dynamic organizations dedicated to empowering educators and students through comprehensive, hands-on learning experiences.

Unveiling a Powerful Collaboration: Logics Academy has been at the forefront of developing innovative learning resources and delivering exceptional educational experiences for educational leaders, teachers, and students. The Cobblestone Collective, with its strong focus on technology integration using Google and Microsoft platforms, has been empowering schools and districts for the past 8 years.

By uniting Logics Academy and The Cobblestone Collective, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive suite of engaging, hands-on learning opportunities that foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and leadership capabilities in students of all ages. We firmly believe that equipping students with digital skills is crucial for their future success as they navigate a rapidly evolving world.

We extend a warm welcome to the talented leadership and extended team of trainers from The Cobblestone Collective, who are joining us in this exciting new chapter. Their passion for educational excellence perfectly aligns with our shared mission of empowering educators and students. Together, we will pool our expertise to provide unparalleled support to schools, districts, and communities across Canada and beyond.

Stay tuned for exciting developments as we embark on this journey together. We are committed to delivering transformative educational experiences, equipping students with the skills and capabilities they need to become innovative problem solvers, leaders, and trailblazers in the digital age.

The acquisition of The Cobblestone Collective by Logics Academy marks a significant milestone in our shared commitment to empowering students through collaborative innovation. We are excited to combine our strengths, resources, and passion for education to shape a brighter future for learners. Together, we will continue to break new ground in hands-on learning, bridging the gap between technology and education to prepare students for success in the digital era.