In the dynamic landscape of STEM education, partnerships play a pivotal role in driving innovation and expanding access to valuable learning opportunities. With this understanding, Logics Academy and Canada Learning Code are thrilled to announce the renewal of their partnership, marking a significant milestone in their shared mission to empower K–12 students with essential coding skills.

Over the past decade, Logics Academy and Canada Learning Code have collaborated on various initiatives, leveraging their expertise to introduce coding and digital literacy to learners across the nation. From pioneering programs like Code Mobiles to empowering educators through TeacherCon, their joint efforts have left an indelible mark on the Canadian educational landscape.

The partnership brings with it a wave of new opportunities and initiatives aimed at further enriching STEM education for students. One notable development is Canada Learning Code’s decision to transition away from direct community engagement, entrusting Logics Academy with the responsibility of delivering K–12 workshops nationwide. Logics Academy’s expert facilitators streamline operations and ensure the continued success and expansion of coding programs. From introductory coding workshops to advanced programming courses, students can expect a comprehensive learning experience that equips them with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Moreover, the collaboration reaffirms both organizations’ commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in STEM education. By reaching students from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities, Logics Academy and Canada Learning Code are breaking down barriers to learning and empowering all learners to pursue their passions in technology and innovation.

As we embark on this new chapter of collaboration, Logics Academy and Canada Learning Code invite educators, parents, and students alike to join us in our mission to cultivate a future generation of creative problem solvers equipped with the tools to drive positive change in society.

Together, we are not just teaching code; we are shaping the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Learn more here!