ATLE Edbits: “Show Me Something I Don’t Know!”

ATLE Edbits: "Show Me Something I Don't Know!"
May 14, 2024

Join Logics Academy, Google Canada, and ATLE as we present: Show Me Something I Don't Know!

This after school session is for edtech lead teachers – and Google wonderers of all types! Please share across your networks!

Think you’ve squeezed every drop of innovation out of Google Workspace for Education? Think again! Join us as we endeavour to show you something you don’t already know!

  • Unearth the Unorthodox: Bypass the well-trodden paths and explore cutting-edge applications of Google tools that will make your colleagues do a double-take.
  • Architect the Unexpected: Craft transformative lesson plans that leverage Google in ways you never dreamed possible. Prepare to be amazed!
  • Push the Pedagogical Envelope: This isn’t about bells and whistles; it’s about harnessing Google’s power to drive deeper student engagement and foster truly innovative learning experiences.
  • Become a Google Guru: Leave this workshop not only inspired, but equipped with the knowledge and skills to become a trusted advisor within your school district, guiding others on this exciting Google odyssey.

Do YOU also have some tips and tricks you’d like to share? If so, come prepared to be inspired and to inspire the group, too! See you May 14 from 4:30-5:30 PM MT.

Thank you to Google Canada for funding this educator workshop!