Canadian Storytelling

This year’s Minecraft Education Edition Challenge has come to an end and we want to thank everyone who participated – we really enjoyed watching your submissions! You can watch them all on the Logics Flipgrid site

Click here to read Minecraft’s blog entry about this storytelling challenge!

Canadian Minecraft Challenge 2020 Winners

First place

Annika Roderick, Hejin Wang, Jonathan Corscadden, George English and Sam Kikuchi – Millidgeville North School, St John NB

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the entire MNS team for their hard work and creativity which helped to bring to life the story of Stephen Blucke, a black Loyalist who settled in Nova Scotia in the 18th century.  I’d like to acknowledge the exceptional Minecraft building skills of Jonathan Corscadden, George English and Sam Kikuchi which allowed the story to take shape in a vivid and detailed setting. I’d also like to thank Hejin Wang and Annika Roderick for the leadership, vision, and hard work that they displayed while planning the project and filming and editing the final product.  It was an absolute pleasure to teach and support this team of exceptional students who, even after the 2020 school year had officially ended in June, still came together to collaborate on this fun learning experience.  

Way to make all of us teachers and your fellow students at Millidgeville North School very proud.”

Matthew MacTavish

Second place

Alexander Coghill – Woodcrest Public School, Thunder Bay ON

“Thank you Mindshare Learning and Logics Academy for giving our Northern talent an opportunity to shine. Alex is a tremendously gifted Minecraft player and amazing storyteller, capturing the history of Fort William Historical Park. It was my honour to be a part of this project where the teacher was definitely the student.”

Mr Sandberg

Third place

Harman Patel – Williams Parkway Public School, Brampton

The Canadian Storytelling in Minecraft contest was the perfect extension to offer my students as it tied in extremely well with their lessons in language and social studies in a manner that they would find fun and stimulating. We were in the midst of distance learning, a difficult time for many students, and the contest was an ideal activity for them to focus on independently. Harman embraced this opportunity and took the initiative to research Terry Fox and produce a detailed, creative, and moving account of Terry’s courageous run across Canada. Thank you for providing this learning opportunity to our students.” 

Dilip Banerjee

Thanks to the Support of Microsoft & Minecraft Education Edition Team and stay tuned for the upcoming 2020-2021 Minecraft Challenge!

Get involved in Canada’s first-ever Storytelling challenge using Minecraft EE – create, build, share and win!

What is it

An original Canadian online community built by you to be shared with students across the country and an opportunity to win prizes for your school.

Who can participate

Available for individual student submission or educator submissions on behalf of a group/class of students at the same school across Canada.

Download World Here

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1. Help! I have questions who do I ask?

Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday for the month of June at 1pm est, join Ryan Magill for open office hours to learn about the Canadian Storytelling in Minecraft challenge, how to participate and ask any questions you or your students may have. Click here to join at the scheduled times

2. Help! I am an educator and looking to connect with other teachers, how can I do that?

Educators can join our Educator Community Discussion to ask questions, connect with other teachers about this challenge and see what the rest of Canada is doing. Join the discussion to support your students during the month of June. Canadian Storytelling Educator Discussion Group

3. Help! I don’t have Minecraft Education Edition, how do I participate?

Don’t have access to Minecraft Education Edition? Use the Pocket Edition Version of Minecraft instead. Instructions are available here.

4. How to host a Minecraft EE Server from home for remote teaching/learning for your students.

Are you an educator or looking to host a multiplayer world for your students from home? Here are resources and instructions on how to do so: How to Set up a Multiplayer Game and Remote learning with Minecraft EE

5. Immersive Reader, text translation and reading supports

Students can use Immersive Reader with each NPC & Sign to translate the text or have it read to them!

Thanks to the Support of Microsoft & Minecraft Education Edition Team!

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