CS First




Logics Academy has partnered with the CS First Team to bring you a simple and easy way to start coding with your class. Our team of current and former educators will be with your every step of the way.


Learning to Code, Together

Together, through teacher PD sessions and co-taught sessions, we’re here to help you and your students learn to problem-solve, collaborate, communicate and think critically through computer science.
Oh, and did we mention they’re all FREE? 



What is a Co-Taught Lesson?

Think of us as your virtual guest speaker.
Our facilitation team handles the lesson planning and delivery of the lesson (through YouTube Live) with you and your students together.
Each CS First co-taught lesson explores a new unit from the CS First curriculum. 

No experience teaching coding?  Unsure how to facilitate a lesson using CS First?  That’s why we’re here!  Consider us your coding experts for the hour when you and your students can both learn together.


Your Schedule of Learning

Register for one, or register for all!  Click the image below to register for training!



Looking to bring this program into your school board? Reach out to discuss how we could help!