Getting Started with DJI

Welcome to the wonderful world of DJI!

 1. Download the Tello or the RoboMaster App

Tello App can experience more flight modes of Tello, with real-time image-transmission interface and camera,video-recording functions, which can easily experience the fun of aerial-photography.

With the dedicated RoboMaster app, multi-platform interactions and various operation methods are supported, along with rich educational resources and several competition modes.

2. Connect to the App

Once your robot or drone is assembled, follow the steps in your app to complete set up!

Take advantage of this setup time by starting to charge your robots. Typical charge time, using most tablet USB wall chargers, is about 90 minutes.

3. Learn more about the basics by watching the following tutorial videos:

RoboMaster Ep / EP Core Assembly Guide

Drones: How to Calibrate the IMU

Drones: How to update Firmware

RoboMaster EP: Installing Robotic Arm and Gripper

4. If you are an Educator looking to introduce DJI Products in the classroom, see the resources below:

For Educators

Use DJI Products in the Classroom

The curriculum resources aim to drive students’ interests in engineering and cultivate their spirit of exploration. Lecture slides and lesson plans are provided to educators, worksheets and handouts are tailored for the students, and they all align with the most popular educational standards and are incredibly easy to follow, allowing smooth integration at multiple age and grade levels.

DJI Education offers a custom curriculum, a competition database, and a variety of events to complete the classroom teaching and learning experience.