Getting Started with Tello EDU

Getting Started with Tello EDU

Tello EDU is an impressive and programmable drone perfect for education!

1. Install the Tello EDU Propellers

Before you can begin your first flight, install the propellers provided on your drone.

Follow the instructions provided or use this video for step-by-step instructions.

 2. Download the Tello EDU App

Tello EDU is compatible with 2 different apps: Tello app and Tello EDU.

The Tello app is for experiencing the excitement of flight and aerial photography. The Tello EDU app is focused on programming.

3. Connect to the App

Once your app is downloaded, follow the steps in your app to complete set up!

Take advantage of this setup time by starting to charge your Tello EDU.

4. Learn more about the basics by watching the following tutorial videos:

Tello EDU Intro Video

Using Propeller Guards

Calibrating the IMU

Update the Firmware