Getting Started with Dash & Dot

Getting Started with Dash & Dot

Dash & Dot have travelled a long way to meet you! Turn them on, connect, and welcome them to their new home. They are excited to play!

1. Download the Wonder Workshop Apps or use the Blockly App on any Chrome Browser

The Wonder Workshop apps make robotics fun and accessible for young kids. Available on iOS, Android & Amazon on both phones and tablets. You can also access Blockly to solve puzzles and complete projects on any Chrome Browser by clicking here!

Try out all the Wonder Workshop apps and discover new play ideas!

2. Connect to Dash & Dot

Put your robots on the floor, turn them on, and enable Bluetooth on your tablet. Open the Wonder app and follow the instructions to set up your robots.

Take advantage of this setup time by starting to charge your robots. Typical charge time, using most tablet USB wall chargers, is about 60 – 90 minutes.

3. Learn more about the basics by watching the following tutorial videos:

App Overview

Care & Maintenance

Robot Guts

Classroom Setup

4. If you are an Educator looking to introduce Dash & Dot in the Classroom, see the resources below:

For Educators

Use Dash & Dot in the Classroom

Our lessons are split into two streams: Learn to Code, where students receive a comprehensive introduction to computer programming with Dash & Dot, and Code to Learn in which Dash & Dot is used to bring hands-on, engaging science and math lessons to your classroom, all while teaching students how to code. Both streams provide everything you need to bring coding to your classroom: slide-driven lessons including sample code, clear talking points, well-scaffolded challenges, and extension ideas.

During this training session educators will be exposed to Dash & Dot, social robots for curious minds: the hardware and software, benefits of use in the classroom, the lesson development process, and integrating curriculum. You can bring excitement and wonder to your schools through robotics and coding! Teaching programming lets you turn your creative ideas into reality. In this hands-on workshop, you will not only have the opportunity to play and explore, but you will be able to walk out ready to code with your students.