Debug’d Dash and Dot Curriculum

Debug’d Dash and Dot Curriculum


An inclusive coding curriculum for all students regardless of challenges — cognitive, communication, physical and other complex learning needs — for the Dash and Dot teaching robots. With digital, printed, and ready-to-print activities and instructional strategies, debug’d includes every student in meaningful participation through:

  • explicit instruction
  • differentiated strategies
  • visual materials and
  • real-world connections

debug’d Coding: UDL designed, inclusive coding curricula for all students


A scope and sequence with the foundational and coding concepts covered in K-8 classrooms. Detailed lessons explicitly develop learning to code and coding to learn skills.

Debug’d supports teachers with:

  • Predictable, consistent lesson structure
  • Explicit step-by-step instructions
  • Digital slide decks for concept development and to guide lesson instruction
  • Ideas to extend and connect learning to other areas of the curriculum and daily living activities

Debug’d supports students with:

  • individual, small group and large group activities
  • Differentiated materials and strategies for meaningful participation (i.e., Clicker activities to support alternate access, AAC displays)


Curriculum Guide

  • 14 lessons with clear step-by-step, scaffolded instruction for teachers
  • Anchor activities to build and activate background knowledge
  • Ideas for differentiation beyond the lessons and materials
  • Engaging culminating activities

Printed materials

  • 33 symbol supported vocabulary and category cards
  • 36 Location Core with Fringe Vocabulary bound AAC booklet
  • 5 colourful class posters
  • 4 sets of Blockly Blocks (2 with symbols)
  • 12 lesson focused challenge cards
  • 5 student feedback cards
  • 4 sets of red and yellow left/right bracelets

Digital Content

  • Digital slide deck for each lesson
  • 11 Visual Schedule cards
  • AAC supports for a variety of layouts
  • Social story template
  • Individual student practice and application materials, including activities in Clicker 7 & 8
  • Student and adult tip sheets to support communication and collaboration
  • Student reference materials
  • Copies of printed materials found in the bin

Debug’d was created through a collaborative partnership between Bridges Canada and the Inclusive Design Research Centre of OCAD University; made possible by a grant from the Innovation, Science and Economic Development department of the Federal Government of Canada.

Debug’d is a product of the Coding to Learn and Create project.  For more information about the project visit: