Meet DidaCubes

Meet DidaCubes –

STEAM Education Smart Programmable Blocks

Dida Cubes provides every step of meeting and learning to code, with fun projects, intuitive APPs, and user-friendly smart blocks for all K-12. You can connect, code, and play with DidaCubes using an Android device or an Apple device. For more information, head on to our Getting Started with DidaCubes page.

What if learning is as intuitive and fun as playing? DidaCubes provides every step on introducing and learning to code, with fun, projects, intuitive APPs, and user-friendly smart blocks for all of K-12.

Modular design allows for creative and unlimiting configurations

Let’s Get Started!

DidaCubes: from newbie to programmer!

For Educators

Use DidaCubes in the Classroom

DidaCubes is an excellent tool for teaching students from Grades K to 8 how to code. Watching what happens to different modules is fun for everyone and makes coding a hands-on experience! Pairing code with visible actions also inspires students to see the importance of computer programming in their daily lives and beyond.

Why DidaCubes?

  • Abundant projects: Covering multiple STEAM subjects and themes with a growing pool of easy-to-build 3D real life projects.
  • User-friendly smart modules: A growing collection of 20+ modules, with every detail designed to make learning fun.
  • Compatible with Mechanical Blocks.
  • Easy and intuitive APP and hardware.