Matatalab Simulator


Play virtually with the Matatalab Simulator


Learn to Code Online

1. Introduce early coding concepts

2. Introduce how a robot works

3. Cultivate computational thinking skills in a playful way

Try different modes!

Challenge Mode

Step by step challenges and rich funny cases

Free Mode

Plan the route for the robot: Sequencing, parameter, commands, direction

Draw shapes: Create shapes, learn math and geometry; creative drawing

Why Matatalab Hands-on Coding

  • No screen required: Kids can construct their knowledge on coding and logic directly with their hands.
  • Intuitive symbol design: Use directional language and no literacy required.
  • Gamification: Kids learn through playing and feel that coding is simple.
  • Packaged with challenge booklets: Learn from easy to advanced in 3 steps.
  • Compatible with Lego®: Create your own coding adventures and have limitless fun.

Interested in getting the hardware?