Form 4

Meet Form 4

Blazing Speed Meets Industrial Production




Get More Done With Most Prints in Under 2 Hours!

Produce stunning parts that always fit, rivaling injection molded parts.

Validated Print Settings

Formlabs optimization engineers put hundreds of printed parts to the test to ensure each material performs to the most reliable standards, right out of the box.

Intelligent Control System

Six control systems precisely measure and maintain the temperature, resin level, print forces, and print status inside your print

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your prints and manage your printers from anywhere with an integrated camera, preventative maintenance reminders, and the free Dashboard software.

The Backlight Unit generates a uniform area projection of an ultra-high power light using 60 LEDs and collimating lenses. It cures resin quickly and precisely, delivering blazing fast print speeds with excellent print quality and accuracy anywhere on the build platform.