Meet Matatalab Lite

Let Your Imagination Run Free With Matatalab Lite

Discover the fun of basic coding concepts with Matatalab Lite, the perfect robot for students in grades K-3! Kids will develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration through hands-on coding gameplay. Kids will create their own coding adventures with papercraft, magic clay, 3D printing, and other DIY models for limitless fun!

Pocket-sized. Easy to store and carry!

Screenless and Words Free – Learning to Code as Easy as Playing Building Block

Let’s Get Started!

Matatalab Lite has three interactive modes and infinite play potential. See how learning to code is as easy as playing with building blocks with Matatalab Lite!

For Educators

Use Matatalab Lite in the Classroom

Our lessons are split into two streams: Learn to Code, where students receive a comprehensive introduction to Coding with Matatalab, and Code to Learn in which Matatalab is used to create a board game, decorate a character, and program Matatabot to move across the board. Both streams provide everything you need to bring coding to your classroom.

During this training session, educators will be exposed to Matatalab hardware, the benefits of use in the classroom, the lesson development process and integrating curriculum. You can bring excitement and wonder to your schools through robotics and coding! Teaching programming lets you turn your creative ideas into reality. In this hands-on workshop, you will not only have the opportunity to play and explore, but you will be able to walk out ready to code with your students.

Matatalab Classroom Bundle

3 x Coding sets
3 x Pro sets
1 Educator access to the Everything Curriculum Bundle (Lifetime Access) – Matatalab Coding

Why Matatalab Lite?

  • Screenless and Words Free
  • Teaches Coding Skills
  • Sturdy and lead free – safe for kids
  • Inspires creativity
  • It’s fun and engaging

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