MatataWorld Competition

MatataWorld Robotics Competition (MWRC)

Competition Description:

As humans’ friends, wild animals play an important part of the natural ecosystem and are precious natural resources that nature has gifted humankind. Protecting wild animals and maintaining the ecological balance in nature is not only related to the survival and development of humankind, but it is also an important indicator of the progress of a country, a nation, and a city.

However, due to the deterioration of the ecological environment and the human-made destruction of wild animal habitats, the number and distribution of wild animals around the world are shrinking day by day, and many species are already on the verge of extinction. In recent years, the wanton killing of wild animals still has not been completely prohibited, making the situations for many wild animals that are already on the verge of extinction even more difficult.

Little friends, in the MatataWorld Robotics Competition with the theme “Caring for Wild Animals”, please think about how we can live in harmony with animals while seeking a better life? We hope that through the competition you will learn more about wild animals, and master more and newer knowledge and skills. Come and join in the competition, and let us experience the charm of MWRC together!

Age Categories and Restrictions:

  • Participants should be no younger than 4 years old and no older than 8 years old.
  • The competition is open to individuals or teams of 2-4 people. Each participant or team is allowed one coach for competition instruction.

Target Participants:

  • Teams with excellent results in 2021 MWRC online trials.
  • Overseas teams receiving invitations to the finals.

How to sign-up:

Log in on to sign up.

Competition Timeline:

You can register your team by emailing with your team’s details

Award Setting:


How to Submit Your Project:

Instructions coming soon.

Entry Requirements:

  • Each participant can only submit one video entry.
  • The video must contain a complete presentation of the work, an introduction of its functions, and a creative explanation (within 5 mins).
  • Several images of the work as a whole and in detail (no more than 3 images).
  • English subtitles are required to be added at the bottom of the video.


Join and Protect Our Animals