Getting Started with mBot

Getting Started with mBot


mBot: Empowering individuals and classrooms to be innovative and creative while having fun!


1. Unpack and Assemble Your mBot

2. Test Your mBot with the Remote Control

Before you start with any software, you can play your mBot with three simple modes pre-uploaded on the device.

3. Download Software

There are two ways in which you can direct mBot without the need for programming.

  1. Open the Makeblock App. With one click you can use the remote control driving function, voice control or the “Draw and Run” function.



  1. Use the Makeblock Bluetooth Remote Controller to control mBot. There are 15 buttons and 2 joysticks, making its operation smooth and easy. Positive experiences operating the robot can help children form a bond with mBot quickly, and further stimulate their interest in programming.

Or, you can control mBot using Block-based and/or Arduino C programming by using mBlock Blockly or the mBlock app.

  1. The mBlock Blockly gamified learning app makes learning and playing one and the same. The mBlock Blockly has designed game levels which are easy to understand and learn from, each new level adding to a child’s block-based programming knowledge. Mr. Panda guides children through the app step by step, as they learn to program their mBot remotely, unlock different knowledge points, and master new programming skills one by one.

Phones and Tablets

  1. The mBlock app is a one-stop coding platform tailored to coding education, trusted by educators and learners alike. There are 3 ways to access the mBlock app:

Phones and Tablets

Web Version (Chrome Browser recommended)

Easily code on your Chromebook without any apps to download!

4. Connect mBot wirelessly using the Bluetooth Dongle (sold separately) or through a USB-C cable.

5. If you are an Educator looking to introduce mBot in the Classroom, see the resources below:

For Educators

Use mBot in the Classroom

Makeblock’s comprehensive curricular resources enable Grade 3 to Grade 8 educators to help students learn about programming while they play and create with mBot. It is an affordable, STEM robot designed to inspire young engineers as they design, learn, and play. From sensors used to follow complex line formations and avoiding obstacles to multi-faceted remote controls, mBot is the perfect addition to any classroom environment – easily teaching students the power of coding and programming.

During this training session, educators will be exposed to the mBot, the Arduino at heart module robot. The hardware and software, benefits of use in the classroom, the lesson development process, and integrating curriculum.



6. Empower creative little engineers with mBot!