Meet mBot 2.0

Meet mBot 2.0 –

The networkable robot for Computer Science and STEAM Education

mBot2 is a next-generation educational robot designed with extended capabilities, starting as an entry-level solution in lower secondary education and going all the way to upper secondary and beyond.

mBot2 is powered by CyberPi, an educational microcontroller enhanced with network capabilities, built-in sensors, and much more. mBot2 is designed for students to carry out interactive and smart lessons that are engaging, fun, and reflecting real-world applications with cutting-edge technologies, including robotics, AI, IoT, and Data Science. With mBlock’s enhanced coding learning experience, mBot2 allows students and educators to begin with the block-based coding approach, and seamlessly transition into object-oriented coding with Python, all in the same environment.

You can direct and control mBot 2.0 in many ways. You can use an Android device, an Apple device, a computer, and, of course, CyberPi! For more information, head on to our Getting Started with mBot 2.0 page.

Advanced coding robot kit for STEM Education

Powered by Cyberpi, this innovative and easy-to-build robot will inspire kids to learn, grow, and play in limitless ways. Complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and community boys and girls can step into the world of CS and technology learning utilizing precision movement control with encoder motors, expandable mBuild modules, and structural parts that come together in a unique programmable design.

Let’s Get Started!

A STEM-Inspired Programmable Robot Designed for young, hands-on Programmers!

For Educators

Use mBot 2.0 in the Classroom

Lessons and curriculum built with Canadian educators in mind, are now ready and aligned to various cross-curricular subject areas across all provinces and territories. This includes Math, Science, Technology, Language Arts, and more! Our block-based beginner and advanced lessons help students in Grades 6-8 gain confidence in coding as they slowly transition to more complex coding languages. Our text-based beginner and advanced lessons help students in Grades 9-12 apply their learning in the Python language with mBot 2.0’s CyberPi and take their coding skills to the next level.

mBot 2.0’s brain is Cyberpi, a single-board computer, packed with advanced electronics helps teach students in Grades 6-12 while supporting the development of their coding skills from block-based programming to Python. During this training session, you will learn how to integrate the hardware and software that makes it a powerful tool to discover Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Networks, and the Internet of Things in a learning environment.

For mBot 2.0 Getting Started Activities for the classroom, check our Getting Started page.

Why mBot 2.0?

  • Powered by CyberPi: CyberPi is a powerful and versatile microcontroller for education. Its integrated sensors, full-color display and Wi-Fi communication capabilities allow a wide range of applications on curriculum topics for Computer Science, Robotics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, in connection with other areas of the curriculum such as Math, Physics, etc.
  • Precision Control: The encoder motors in mBot2 can be precisely controlled by their rotation, speed and position, making possible the integration of principles in Math, Physics and Engineering.
  • Enhanced: mBot2 comes with the next-generation of the ultrasonic sensor, which includes ambient illumination, and the Quad RGB sensor, which uses 4 color sensors simultaneously to detect colors and follow lines. This gives them more accurate performance and consistency. mBot2 can be further expanded with the Makeblock Education’s wide variety of structural parts and mBuild smart electronic modules.
  • Explore Fundamentals of Data Science & CS: With both the powerful mBlock software and easy-to-use coding robot, teachers can introduce data science and computer science into classrooms and visualize the learning outcomes.
  • AI and IoT Learning Encouragement: Featuring an onboard microphone and high-quality speaker, CyberPi works with mBlock’s cognitive services to make speech recognition and text reading much easier, helping students explore advanced technologies.
  • Network Ability via WiFi: With the built-in Wi-Fi module of Cyberpi and mBlock’s cloud broadcast function, mBot2 can connect with each other or the Internet. Hence, students can perform a task together as a team.

mBot 2.0’s Accessories

Specs and Comparison with mBot 1.1

ParametermBot 1.1mBot2
Control board mCoreCyberPi
Processor ATmage328 / PESP32-WROVER-B
SPI Flash memory/8MB
Store multiple programs simultaneously/8
Support multi-threading/yes
Wireless communicationEither Bluetooth or 2.4G (depends on the version), IRBluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi LAN
Inputs and onboard sensorsButton
Reset button
Light sensor
5-way joystick
Button x2
Reset button
Light sensor
1.44″ full-color display
Expandable electronic modules     
RJ25 ports x4, one component per portmBuild port x1, connect 10+ components in series
Additional interfaces/2-pin interface x2
3-pin interface x4