mTiny is an early education robot for children growing up in the digital age. Its Tap Pen Controller is a coding tool that exercises children’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. It brings computer programming into children’s real life, using coding cards and various themed map blocks to guide the child in exploring, perceiving, and creating through highly interactive, stimulating, and fun games. The continuously updated mTiny toolkit also fosters children’s interest in learning in math, English, music, and other subjects, and keeps them inspired.

A scientific approach to early childhood education

Considering children’s thinking and cognition, mTiny is designed with the theory of multiple intelligences to encourage early childhood education and make learning fun. To spark the interest of preschool-aged children, mTiny offers fun interactive games to foster their logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Inspire learning in a fun way

Themed maps, coding cards, an enlightening storybook, and tap-to-code interaction, all these make learning fun for children. They can develop their computational thinking by completing the tasks assigned on the storybook or play freely to discover different solutions. mTiny allows children to explore the unknown themselves, in a bid to bolster their confidence in independent thinking through a gaming experience.

Tap-to-code interaction

Tap and read coding cards – mTiny receives instructions and starts moving – mTiny identifies and responds to the interactive map. The innovative tap-to-code interaction system and interesting storybook drive kids’ interest in learning.

Tap pen controller

Three control modes: Tap-to-Code, Joystick, Motion-sensing.

Coding cards

Instructions with symbols facilitate children to learn coding concepts and logic.

One map, two modes*

*The map is part of the mTiny Coding Kit.


Go through all the learning tasks and have fun with mTiny and his friends.

Multiplayer mode

Strengthen friendships among children and the emotional bond between parents and children. Enhance children’s interpersonal and social skills.

Cross-curricular content shapes divergent thinking

Fun games and playful interactions spark children’s interest in coding, math, English, music, etc., and help them solve practical problems through a cross-curricular approach to develop divergent thinking.
*Math/English/Music Kit is coming soon.

Screen free operation makes every game engaging

With no need to use mobile phones or tablet PCs, mTiny lowers the threshold of coding for children and protects their eyes from screen-induced damage. The physical tap pen controller, cards, and maps free children from Internet and video game distractions, and fully engage their senses in the process of exploration and learning.

Fun interactions motivate kids to progress

mTiny has an adorable look, more than 10 pre-set emotions, and hundreds of sound effects. It guides and encourages children to observe, discover and think in games, and motivates them to progress in their own way.


Facial expressions


Reenact everyday activities


Creative map combinations
Create imaginative stories



Every single part is safe

In the box