Meet mTiny

Meet mTiny – The Smart, Interactive Screenfree STEM Toy.

Considering children’s thinking and cognition, mTiny is designed with the theory of multiple intelligences to encourage early childhood education and make learning fun. To spark the interest of preschool-aged children, mTiny offers fun interactive, screen-free lessons and games to foster their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. mTiny is suitable for learning social-emotional skills, linguistics, mathematics, and much more. mTiny will engage young students and learners with a fun, unique experience that includes a panda robot, a tap pen controller, interactive maps, coding cards, and more.

Tap-to-code interaction

Tap and read coding cards – mTiny receives instructions and starts moving – mTiny identifies and responds to the interactive map. The innovative tap-to-code interaction system and interesting storybook drive kids’ interest in learning.

Tap to Control mTiny

Playful, Interactive Map

Positive Feedback

Fun interactions motivate kids to keep progressing. mTiny has an adorable look, more than 10 pre-set emotions, and hundreds of sound effects. It guides and encourages children to observe, discover and think in games, and motivates them to progress in their own way.

Let’s Get Started!

Teach basic computer science skills through an assortment of coding cards. Simply use the tap pen controller to read the cards, and mTiny will react based on the input. The coding cards closely resemble block-based coding. No screens are required to use mTiny!

Why mTiny?

  • Every single part is safe
  • Computational Thinking Learning: Easy to use and combined with a range of coding games for different levels to discover and learn. Teach early computer science and 21st century skills through the coding cards and Tap Pen Controller – no screens required!
  • Fusion of Cross-Curricular Content: Fun games and playful interactions spark children’s interest in coding, math, English, music, etc., and help them solve practical problems through a cross-curricular approach to develop divergent thinking. Suitable for teaching and practicing linguistics, mathematics, special awareness and much more.
  • Imagination and Interaction Building: With multiple playing and learning approaches to explore, design, act and play with mTiny and friends.
  • Develop social emotional skills in your students through them interacting with a panda robot that expresses itself through sound, motion, and its big eyes. mTiny has changeable looks with 10+ facial expressions, 300+ sound effects.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Strengthen friendships among children and the emotional bond between parents and children. Enhance children’s interpersonal and social skills.


Distance range within 10m (in open areas)
Map piece size 196x186mm (special scenario themed piece x 4)
186x186mm(ordinary scenario themed piece x 20
Ages 4 +
Battery time 2.5h


Battery 1800mAh Li-Po
Input voltage 5V
Input current 1.5A
Output equipment encoder motor x 2/1.5W Hi-Fi speaker/LCD eyes x 2/RGB LED x 8
Sensors OID sensor/6-axis motion sensor
Communication 2.4G Hz wireless

Tap Pen Controller

Battery 300mAh Li-Po
Input voltage 5V
Input current 270mA
Major OID sensor/6-axis motion sensor/double-axis
  joystick/button x 2/LED indicator x 6
Communication 2.4GHz wireless

mTiny: Foster Logical Thinking

Tap to Learn Coding

Cross-Curricular Links

Screen-free Fun

Multi-Topic Packages