Meet Neuron

Meet Neuron – The programmable electronic building block platform for a new generation of inventors

Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform. Building blocks are connected in a snap with magnetic Pogo Pins for creating hundreds of inventions. With Neuron, children learn about flow-based programming and the Internet of Things (IoT). Neuron is compatible with the Makeblock platform, LEGO® blocks, and Codey Rocky.

Simple and effortless, its building blocks connect in a snap

Building blocks are intuitively color-coded so that children can easily distinguish them: Green for Energy & Communication blocks, orange for input blocks, and blue for Output blocks. The blocks are connected in a snap with Pogo Pin-connectors, with the added benefit of making each block more durable. Creating their own electronic gadget can now be done in less than a minute. 

Each electronic block has many built-in features, and can interact with other blocks. You can combine blocks to create a variety of interesting gadgets, and even combine them with your daily life objects to create your own inventions and tools. More than 30 modules mean that you can build hundreds of gadgets!

Let’s Get Started!

Neuron: Click, Connect, Create!

Why Neuron?

  • Simple and Effortless
  • Building blocks are connected in a snap with Pogo Pin-connectors, with the added benefit of making each block more durable.
  • Supports Internet of Things: The share functionality support you to generate a link or QR code, you can share it to your friends, and control your neuron projects remotely from anywhere in the world over the Internet. When Neuron blocks are connected to the Internet, Neuron App software enables advanced features like Microsoft Cognitive Services, for example, you can use neuron to recognize emotions and words. 
  • Widely Extensible: Compatible with Makeblock platform, LEGO® blocks, and Codey Rocky the number of fun projects you can build is almost limitless.
  • Magnetic Design: Magnetic Design: The magnetic design at the back of Neuron blocks lets educators easily demonstrate lab work and teach large groups of students.
  • 30+ electronic blocks, you can set up hundreds of gadgets!


BlocksEnergy & Communication blocks: Power, Bluetooth
Input blocks: Gyro Sensor, Funny Touch
Output blocks: Dual Servo Driver + Servo, LED Panel, Buzzer
Accessories:Neuron Board, Funny Switch + GND Wire, Friction Pin Connectors, USB Cable (200mm), Rubber Bands, Servo Accessories, User Manual, Case Materials Pack
ConnectivityBluetooth/ Wi-Fi
Battery: 950mAh Lithium Battery
VoltageOutput Voltage DC 5V, Input Voltage DC 5V, Input Current <1A
Dimensions24x24x14mm: Gyro Sensor, Buzzer
24x48x14: Bluetooth, Funny Touch, Dual Servo Driver
48x48x14: Power, LED Panel
WeightNet weight: 293g
Gross Weight: 979g