Getting Started With mBot Ranger

Getting Started

1. Unpack and Assemble Your mBot

Carefully unpack all your mBot Ranger components.

2. Download the Software

Before you can control your mBot Ranger, it is important to download and install all of the necessary software depending on which device you have.


mBlock is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 2.0 Open Source Code that makes it easy to program Arduino projects and create interactive applications. 

(Available for Windows, Mac, and Chrome)

Makeblock App

Users can use Makeblock App to control their robots through fun & visual programming. With more than ten control panels, users are able to easily control Makeblock robots. Makeblock App makes programming accessible to everyone including children.

2. Start with Some Pre-Made Lessons

To get you on your way to exploring and adventuring with mBot Ranger, there are a few pre-made lessons that you can view to learn more about how to code mBot Ranger and operate it. 

Scratch 2.0

The Adventures of Mike

Scratch 2.0 the adventures of Mike has nine chapters. It guides you to explore the world of Scratch 2.0 by creating a lot of interactive stories, games and animation.

Download Here


The Mars Adventure of Mark

Thanks to the cooperation with Scratch teachers, we are developing sixteen chapters about learning graphical programming with Ranger. The courses will keep updating online.

Download Here

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