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What is Robogarden?

A Fun & Easy Way to Learn to Code
RoboGarden is an easy to understand, hands-on educational app where students take part in active learning. Fully equipped to teach coding literacy from scratch, RoboGarden reduces the need for a tech-savvy teacher.

Teach coding in your classroom with no prior experience

RoboGarden gives teachers an empowering tool that allows them to manage all aspects of their students’ coding courses without needing any previous programming experience.

View Classroom details

Teachers can view classroom details like a class list, and can assign different coding missions.

View Student Progress

Teachers can view student progress such as task completion, percent completion, score, rank and so much more!

RoboGarden For Students

View Classroom Enrollment

Students can view the classrooms they are enrolled in and select any one of them to access different programming courses.

Select coding mission and solve

Once a course has been assigned, the student can start their coding mission.

School Plans

Free Trial Program! (Limited availability)

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Up to 30 students

Small School License

31 to 50 Students

Medium School License

51 – 250 Students

Large School License

251 – 1000 Students

Contact us for pricing on implementations larger than 1,000 students.

How RoboGarden Teaches Coding


The ‘mission’ is the unit of learning in RoboGarden. In each mission, K12 Students are asked to perform a task by coding. After submitting the code, RoboGarden evaluates the code and provides the Students with immediate feedback.


Think of adventures as lessons. Each adventure contains a tutorial, a tutorial quiz, five missions that focus on a coding concept that will increase in difficulty, and a quiz at the end that measures the student’s understanding of the coding concept before moving on to the next one.


The ‘journey’ is the course in RoboGarden. A RoboGarden ‘journey’ consists of eight ‘adventures’ over which the student will learn various key coding concepts and apply them to math and science scenarios. Try our free Journey Now


The ‘world’ is the environment of the ‘journey’ in RoboGarden. Each world is composed of a story line, objects, and visuals. This engages the Students and enables introducing supplementary knowledge of objects in different environments.


Learn physics, math, and social studies through coding

K-12 Compatible

Suitable for all ages, from K-G to high school


RoboGarden is a smart way to learn JavaScript where you start with simple programming concepts and build on those until you can professionally develop real apps.


RoboGarden provides multiple coding journeys to put you on path to success as a Python programmer. Get started now with the Discover Python journey.


RoboGarden will teach you to code in a fun and easy way that uses blocks in a game-based environment.

720 Coding Missions

18 Leading Journeys

288 Quizzes

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