RoboMaster EP

Learning Unleashed with RoboMaster EP

Following the groundbreaking RoboMaster S1, the RoboMaster EP takes learning to the next level. This educational robot offers programming and AI to any classroom. It also brings the official DJI Software Development Kit (SDK), expandable software and hardware, a custom curriculum, and the all-new RoboMaster Youth Tournament. Simply put, the RoboMaster EP is an unrivalled educational tool for students and educators.

Let’s Get Started!

RoboMaster EP provides users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming, and more through captivating gameplay modes and intelligent features.


Endless programming possibilities are unlocked when you use SDKs (software development kits). Open DJI SDK is available on the RoboMaster EP and supports more than 50 programmable sensor ports. This allows students to utilize streaming data from sensor modules, video, and audio to program AI applications and experience genuine AI technology.

Increased Expandability

A customizable extension platform allows students to build and expand the EP in any way they choose. The EP is also compatible with building blocks, providing even more ways to learn and have fun.

Compatible Third-Party Hardware

The RoboMaster EP supports third-party open-source hardware such as Micro:bit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. These items can be connected and powered via serial ports on the main controller of the chassis. The EP can also perform model training and scene recognition through AI platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson Nano and the official DJI SDK, enhancing students’ understanding of the operating principles of AI.

Compatible Third-Party Sensors

The RoboMaster EP is equipped with four sensor adaptors, making it convenient to connect and power third-party sensors that measure inputs such as temperature, pressure, distance, and more. Sensory data can even be used in Scratch, unlocking endless programming possibilities. 

Professional Curriculum for Practice and Exploration

The RoboMaster AI and Robotics curriculum perfectly incorporates theories into practical engineering projects, utilizing subjects such as physics and mathematics. It stimulates students’ interest in learning, encouraging them to be creative and explore without limits.