Getting Started with Ultimate

Getting Started with Ultimate

Ultimate is a flagship robot kit developed based on the Makeblock platform with rich features and strong compatibility. Whether you are an enthusiast of Raspberry Pi or Arduino, mechanical or electronics engineer, teacher, or student, it helps you learn the knowledge and skills of mechanical structures, electronic modules, and programming with ease. Build and control Ultimate 2.0 to start your exploration in the world of robotics!

1. Unpack and Explore the Powerful Ultimate Parts Library

Release your imagination with over 160+ metal parts and 80+ types of electronic modules including the powerful MegaPi main controller, 3 encoder motors, 1 robotic arm, 4 DC motors, 3 sensors, and 1 Bluetooth module. It also comes with a shutter and phone stand for easy photo taking. From now on, you will have your own parts library. You can find a quick start guide, which describes the steps for building three forms of the robot (Robotic Arm Tank, Beverage Robot, and Camera Dolly) by clicking here.

For building the other seven forms, you can download and read the following documents:

3D Capture-A
3D Capture-B
Detecting Robot
Rolling Tank
Self-balancing Robot
Robotic Ant
Catapult Ram

2. Connect to Ultimate

There are two ways in which you can direct Ultimate without the need for programming.

  1. Open the Makeblock App. With one click you can use the remote control driving function, voice control or the “Draw and Run” function.
  1. Use the Makeblock Bluetooth Remote Controller to control Ultimate. There are 15 buttons and 2 joysticks, making its operation smooth and easy. Positive experiences operating the robot can help children form a bond with Ultimate quickly, and further stimulate their interest in programming.

Or, you can control Ultimate using Block-based and/or Arduino C programming by using mBlock Blockly or the mBlock app.

  1. The mBlock Blockly gamified learning app makes learning and playing one and the same. The mBlock Blockly has designed game levels which are easy to understand and learn from, each new level adding to a child’s block-based programming knowledge. Mr. Panda guides children through the app step by step, as they learn to program their Ultimate remotely, unlock different knowledge points, and master new programming skills one by one.

Phones and Tablets

  1. The mBlock app is a one-stop coding platform tailored to coding education, trusted by educators and learners alike. There are 3 ways to access the mBlock app:

Phones and Tablets

Web Version (Chrome Browser recommended)

* You’ll need to download the mBlock driver “mLink” to access the Web version, download here:

3. Let your imagination run free and enter the Maker World with Ultimate!

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