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Welcome to the 2021 Canadian Minecraft Challenge: Future Frontiers

Get INSTANT ACCESS to training, challenges, lessons, videos, and live support customized to help you and your learner!

What You Will Receive:

Access to a library of lessons

Bring a facilitator into your classroom! Pause and play student videos along with a teacher guide video, you will be well-equipped to successfully support your students in one of many Minecraft: Education Edition lessons.

Access to a live support channel

 Chat live with our group of facilitators to help you and your students navigate through the lessons and challenge.

Access to the main challenge

Download the Minecraft World and allow your students to complete the main challenge.

Access to a live support and information session

Join our group of facilitators live to connect with and receive support on the lessons and challenge.

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The year is 2049 and your students are set to blast off and travel to one of humanity’s next frontiers. Will it be Mars, the Moon, or even destinations on Earth that will push your students’ creativity, collaboration and critical-thinking skills to the limit? What will a community look like in these new and challenging environments?

Students will begin at Logics Base meeting several helpful characters before heading to Science Village. Each scientist in the village will provide students with valuable science highlights and video demonstrations that can help them not only stretch their imaginations, but also build a scientifically possible and empowering vision of tomorrow. Once they visit Science Village and sponge up all of the available science knowledge, they can choose the SLS Rocket (Orange) to head to the Moon’s equator, Starship to head to Mars’ North Pole or the Logics Air #1 Falcon Heavy Rocket to head to a frontier destination on Earth. Destinations on Earth include the Arctic, Underwater or Floating opportunities, Coastal Flood Zone and even underground in a mountain.

Build, build, build, and record a walk-through video (using Flipgrid or any other screen capturing software) of your final build as students explain their vision of a 2049 community at their chosen future frontier. Make sure you share the walk-through video link when submitting the student project (e.g. Flipgrid link, YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

What it is

An opportunity for students across Canada to build a community in Minecraft EE and compete in a challenge to win prizes for your school

Eligible Participants

Available for individual student submission or educator permissions on behalf of a group/class of students at the same school across Canada


April 1 – May 31, 2021

Winners announced June 15, 2021

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