RoboGarden has been an exercise in patience, perseverance, and resilience for most of my Grade 5 students. Over the last two years of the program implementation, a select few students have been exposed to coding at home (from a parent, personal interest, etc.), and RoboGarden journeys have always been relatively simple tasks to complete. For the remaining participants, each class time presents a unique set of challenges to overcome. By the end of the program, all students are more confident in their digital abilities due to the opportunity to experiment with block coding, easily assess for errors, and utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills. RoboGarden also encourages collaboration, as classmates often engage in discussion of potential problem-solving scenarios as they journey through the program. 

Alana Hazelton
Alana has been an educator for 13 years and taught a variety of subjects from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Now in administration, Alana oversees new provincial curriculum implementation from K-5 and teaches Grade 5 Wellness. 

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