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RoboMaster EP Core

The RoboMaster EP Core was built to take learning to the next level.

This advanced educational robot provides an all-in-one solution for STEAM-based classrooms everywhere, offering AI and programming projects for students of all ages and experience levels.

RoboMaster EP

Following the groundbreaking RoboMaster S1, the RoboMaster EP takes learning to the next level.

Simply put, the RoboMaster EP is an unrivalled educational tool for students and educators.

Tello EDU

Tello EDU is an impressive and programmable drone perfect for education.

Programming has never been this fun with Tello EDU!

TT Tello Talent

As an educational drone developed by DJI Education, RoboMaster TT is committed to lowering the threshold for robot and AI learning, and cultivating students’ curiosity and self-confidence during their first contact with science and technology education.