Meet Matatalab Coding Set

Meet the Matatalab Coding Set – A Hands-On Coding Robot


Matatalab Coding Set is a new hands-on coding robot for STEAM education, without the need for screen and literacy. Kids use their imagination to create infinite possibilities using coding blocks, by controlling a robot car through coding algorithms. They learn fundamental coding skills and develop necessary cognitive abilities through educational coding games from a young age!

Develops Cognitive Abiltities, Imagination and Coding Skills Through Hands-On Play!

Help kids learn to code by playing with a screenless, words free educational coding game. Kids will program a robot, creating music, and art!


Kids can compose their favourite music, or even create their own!​


Kids can draw beautiful graphics and pictures through programming, towards the more advanced stages of coding their mathematical theories of geometry also improves.​

Intuitive symbol design. Teach coding concepts with directional language!

Let’s Get Started!

With the Matatalab Coding Set, learning to code becomes as easy as playing building blocks


For Educators

Use the Matatalab Coding Set in the Classroom

Our lessons are split into two streams: Learn to Code, where students receive a comprehensive introduction to Coding with Matatalab, and Code to Learn in which Matatalab is used to create a board game, decorate a character, and program Matatabot to move across the board. Both streams provide everything you need to bring coding to your classroom.

During this training session, educators will be exposed to Matatalab hardware, the benefits of use in the classroom, the lesson development process and integrating curriculum. You can bring excitement and wonder to your schools through robotics and coding! Teaching programming lets you turn your creative ideas into reality. In this hands-on workshop, you will not only have the opportunity to play and explore, but you will be able to walk out ready to code with your students.

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Why Matatalab Coding Set?

  • No experience needed for the kids or parents.
  • Easy-to-use coding blocks designed for kids to splash their creativity and turn their coding command into fun tangible learning experiences.
  • Excellent activities created by STEAM education experts to guide kids to develop an interest in coding and stimulate their creativity by starting their first coding project

Matatalab’s Accessories


Product Dimensions 14.09 x 14.09 x 3.54 inches
Item Weight 5.42 Pounds
Item Model Number 900001-2191
Recommended Age 4-9 years
Batteries 2 Lithium Polymer batteries required

What’s included

You can also play virtually with the Matatalab Simulator!

Matatalab Sets Product Comparison


  Matatalab Pro Set Matatalab Coding Set Matatalab Lite
Recommended Age Age 4-9 Age 4-6 Age 3-5
Command tower x
Matatalab Controller x x
Music Add-on x x
Artist Add-on x x
Bluetooth Pairing
Warm-up Cards 6 x x
Coding Blocks 99 37 x
How to Play By combining multiple tangible Coding Blocks, kids control a robot car through coding algorithms to complete a challenge. Music and Artist coding block expansions are included to unlock more possibilities. By combining multiple tangible Coding Blocks, kids control a robot car through coding algorithms to complete a challenge. With a wireless three-mode Controller to control a responsive robot car to experience the fun of remote control and basic programming.