Meet Ultimate

Meet Ultimate, the 10-in-1 Education Robot Kit

Ultimate is a 10-in-1 educational robot kit based on Arduino Mega solution that has 550+ mechanical parts and electronic modules that allows you to build 10+ models from one set. Ultimate 2.0 features advanced motion control that can drive multiple motors and servos at the same time, and it also has great compatibility with Arduino & Raspberry Pi so that you can build a range of complex designs.

You can direct and control Codey Rocky in many ways. You can use an Android device, an Apple device, a computer, or even the Makeblock Bluetooth Remote Controller! For more information, head on to our Getting Started with Ultimate page.

10 Building Forms For All Your DIY Needs

Most of the parts of Ultimate are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. This makes the material light, strong and durable. The anodizing dyeing process is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and both enhance their appearance and prolongs their lifespan. Ultimate has a standardized interface compatible with other building bricks, maker platforms, and industry-standard parts, which means you can use it to build quasi-industrial projects.

Let’s Get Started!

With infinite combinations, you can truly let your imagination loose with Ultimate!

Why Ultimate?

  • Go beyond imagination with more than 550 mechanical and electronic items.
  • 10 practical and interesting forms of construction are provided to give you a head start on applied electronics and mechanical principles.
  • Safe, Durable & Easy for DIY
  • Equipped with the powerful MegaPi main control board, Ultimate makes the implementation of high-order functions a piece of cake. Think: synchronous drive and control of multiple motors and servos, sensor reading, Raspberry Pi communication and connection to high-power encoder motor driver boards.
  • Programming for all levels as it supports Python programming (by combining with Raspberry Pi), Arduino IDE programming, graphical programming, and Node JS. For beginners, it comes with a specially-designed APP, enabling you to control the robot by simply dragging and dropping blocks.

Ultimate’s Accessories


Metallic Materials (Main)Anodized aluminum
Parts and Accessories80+ part types, totaling 550+ pieces
Main Control Board/ ChipATMEGA2560-16AU
SensorsUltrasonic Sensor × 1,Line Follower Sensor × 1,3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor × 1,Shutter × 1
Motion modulesMotor Driver × 4,DC Encoder Motor × 3,Makeblock Robot Gripper × 1
InterfaceDC Motor Interface × 8, Motor Driver × 4, Servo Interface × 10, Wireless Communication Module × 1, Power Output × 2, Raspberry Pi Communication× 1, Sensors or Modules Interface × 4
Support SoftwaremBlock (PC), Makeblock App (Mobile), Arduino IDE (PC)
Support Programming LanguagesScratch,Arduino
Power Supply12V
ConnectivityBluetooth / USB
Package Dimension510 × 310 × 150 mm (H × W × L)
CompatibilityCompatible with Maker Platform 500+ parts; Main control board supports Arduino; Hardware support Raspberry Pi